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Hi I’m Danielle but most people call me Dani! I do marketing for a company out in Midlothian and coach high school rowing. When I’m not working I enjoy cooking and baking, craft time, history, traveling, reading, running, wine, most kinds of music, rowing on my own, hanging out with friends, and occasionally binge watching tv shows. My bucket list includes, but isn’t limited to, rowing in the Canadian Henley, climbing El Capitan, learning French, and becoming proficient in the use of a pottery wheel. I just survived my end of year review and apparently my coworkers value my optimism, sense of humor, and tenacity. Friends know I tell it how it is, envy my shoe collection, and brace themselves for the sassy sarcasm. I like to tell stories and have been told I should write a book, but haven’t gotten around to it… yet! Unicorns are my spirit animal. Currently reading Carrie Fisher’s Princess Diarist. Try not to take me too seriously, I know I try not to.

…Or at least that’s what my dating profile says…

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