Hope Kills

We all love when things click with someone off the bat.
But in reality there’s a process we have to observe.
Otherwise, someone gets crushed by hope.
Or, you know, gets murdered.

So many relationships burn hot and fast and then burn out. It’s usually a case of too much too fast. I am super guilty of this. It’s so easy to give all of yourself to someone you think is worthy. Being blinded by love is a real thing. Or at least what we think is love. Only to discover this great love is not as great as we thought it was. (As my best friend pointed out, this is how you end up on the ID channel.)

In reality, like it or not, there’s a process. Its a balance act managing and balancing time while you get to know someone new. Get to know them and build something without just throwing a house onto sand and realizing your relationship is falling apart as the floor splits underneath you.

Sure there are always exceptions to the rule.
You’re *probably* not that exception.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Its so easy to miss glaring warning signs sometimes. I know I have to constantly remind myself to take a step back and evaluate where things stand. Otherwise things will suddenly be falling apart or the bubble will burst and you’ll be left holding the feels.

Might know a thing or two about that.


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