I prefer this word to the word hanging.

Hanging kind of makes me think of death. Which isn’t what I want to think about when I’m already down. It just seems to be one of those weeks when I find myself impossibly bummed. No amount of sleep, coffee, or encouragement really seems to fix it.

Ghosting is maybe one of the worst things about dating in this day and age. It happens pretty frequently. Sometimes intentionally. Sometimes unintentionally.

I get it.

Sometimes its a bad date. Sometimes life just gets busy. Sometimes things just get boring. But the worst is when you think things are going okay and then they’re just gone. Usually it ends with an innocent question and then things just float off.

That seems to be what keeps happening to me.

It hurts way worse than I want to admit. I think it’s really because I don’t understand why. Did I do something? Is it me? I know 99% of the time the line “It’s not you. It’s me.” is applicable. Lord knows I’ve had to say that.

But could you not leave my question floating?


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