Currently in the Running

More temporary guys.

Who’s surprised?!

Oh right. No one.

The SRO: He seems really nice? I’m just not totally sure how I feel about it. We can talk about working with kids and he has a pretty laid back schedule. It’s like dating a cop without worrying about them dying maybe? We’re getting dinner Tuesday.

The Aggie: I’m really not sure this is going anywhere. We went out last night. He seems a lot like my friends from college. We talked a lot and got along really well. He still seems to have a party streak. As you guys have probably figured out, my idea of a party is sitting on the patio listening to music and drinking wine. Idk. We’ll see.

The Doc: He’s in the army. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. He’s in med school in West Virginia. We matched while I was driving to my parents last weekend. He seems really nice… but distance. He wants to hang out this weekend. I want to go spend my day in the pottery studio. (That’s actually why I haven’t been blogging. I live on the river or in the pottery studio.)

Country Snaps: This guy keeps snapping me videos of country music and him singing on the radio. I hate country music. This is clearly going well already.

Please. Someone remind me.
Why do I date again?


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