The Run Down

So as per usual, I haven’t updated.
My B.

So here’s the scoop.

Rowing season started! Which means my life has mostly gone to shit. Or, well the river. But I guess there’s a couple of stories to tell. I’ve just had this long string of temporary guys.

New Mexico Guy: He was on a long vacation visiting his twin brother and sister in law. We all went out together and had a lot of fun. He’s back in NM. We snap. He really wants to move to the East Coast because family and we’re pretty great. But I’m not holding my breath.

The Marine: Boy was he a talker… at first. I thought there was hope. But he’s only here for training, doesn’t have a car, and smokes. Also he’s probably going to the west coast after training is over. However, he would talk my ear off. And then we just sorta stopped talking. It’s fine. I got bored with him too.

Expectations vs Reality Guy: On paper, he was great. Like really great. So many things in common. We went to this great French restaurant. Buuuuuuuuut, that’s where it stopped being great. So we both had facial reconstructive surgery in our early 20’s. So we had that in common. But when he found out at dinner he kept grabbing my hand. And it just made it way more awkward. Plus I have serious ADD and I like to look around and take things in. He took that as me being uncomfortable or uninterested and as rather blunt about it. Also, he kept ordering for me. He also got a rose to split. He also kept talking down to me about wine.

I know I’m being critical. I was hangry.

Also, he kept snapping his fingers at our waiter because he drank more water than someone who’d been stranded in the desert. At one point he got so impatient he knocked over all the glasses on the table I got soaked and he didn’t even notice. At the end of the date standing in public he asked to kiss me. I declined. A. I was wearing dark lipstick. B. It was crazy public. C. I wasn’t feeling it. He then kept trying to hang out with me the next two nights. D. I was sort of dreaming about my sweats on the couch.

So those are the guys who are definitely out.
Stay tuned. The guys who are in the works are coming soon.



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