TSwift is My Homegirl

Like it or not.

I know this is a very controversial topic for my generation. But hear me out. Like it or not Taylor Swift is an icon and the same age as me. You can’t avoid her and you probably have an opinion about her and/or her music, good, bad, or ugly. But let’s be real, I’ve grown up with her as my sound track.

I try not to get too political with it, cultural appropriation and all. I try to remember that music is the sound feelings make.

And when you’re feeling feelings, TSwift is my homegirl.

Her music, like it or not has been the sound track of my life. Her first album came out during my first relationship. Her second album came out when I started college. Her third album came out at a really complicated (long story sort) junction of my life. Her fourth album came out and I went through my break up with my college boyfriend and was the album that got me through my 22nd birthday rocking a free single girl. (I want to be 22 forever.) Her most recent album came out at a time I needed it most and helped me ring in the craziest 2 years of my life with love found and lost and some HUGE milestones. Her sixth album is coming out this fall and I’m wondering if her music will continue to be the sound track of my life or if Homegirl and I will part ways.

Please write about something other than breaking up.
Please. Please. Please.

Plus, she inspired me to try red lipstick.
My life was forever changed.


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