I have a date tomorrow.

I have to babysit tonight and the mom texted me to let me know she ordered us pizza. It will be delivered at 7:45. It’s my favorite delivery chain too. I LOVE PIZZA. Just please not before a date. I can’t be bloated and gassy. Not an option.

In other news.

I survived date number two. Shout out to my buddy making faces at me from the bar during my date. Fingers Crossed guy didn’t notice though. It went great. We met up at 5:45 and did happy hour plus fries. We were there until like 9 talking.

I tried to pay for the date.

He wouldn’t let me. Mildly irritated. I am a strong independent woman with a job. I get paid. I wanna pay for stuff. LET ME BE YOUR EQUAL, DAMN IT. Especially since I picked the spot and I knew they didn’t have happy hour specials.

But its not like I’m going to say no to free beer and good conversation.

We’re still exchanging emails. He usually emails around 10 p.m. when I’m a little tired and loopy. My roommate agreed that I shouldn’t be allowed to answer emails that late at night. I usually wait until I get to my desk around 10 a.m. to answer. We have some friendly banter before we get to schedule details.

I can’t say I’ve ever exchanged emails with a guy I’m “dating” or getting to know or whatever phase we’re in. My friends are equally split on the “this is weird” and “meh basically texting” opinions. It’s definitely different. But everyone agrees maybe different is good.


It feels more laid back. Slightly less pressure. It feels like he isn’t all up in my business 24/7. (Re: he’s not a stage 5 clinger.) I can have a life and not be like “OH I HAVE TO ANSWER HIM NOW.” It’s an email. Hakuna Matata.


I AM ANXIOUS AS FUCK. And he’s kind of slow replying. Its great he has a life and isn’t putting a ton of pressure on me. As soon as I give up it pops in my inbox. Also I’m a millennial. I love me some instant gratification.

Speaking of instant gratification.

We’ve been on two good dates. There’s talking and lingering and stuff. But we’ve only exchanged awkward hugs at the end of dates. (It’s not my fault he’s tall and hugging tall people without it being awkward is hard.) I’m equally torn between relief we haven’t kissed or even held hands or anything yet and slightly disappointed. But we haven’t really had a great opportunity. I’m all about not kissing on the first date. But there also the fact that we’ve been seated across from each other on dates. Not conducive to hand holding. Also on the second date a brewery tour bus was unloading DIRECTLY next to us. And I’m kind of shy about PDA anyway.

Nothing says romance like sharing your first kiss next to a bus of half drunk tourists. /sarcasm.

Plus he may be inexperienced and as awkward as I am. Anyway, he’s on deck for picking our date tomorrow. I’m already thinking ahead to date 4. I’m thinking about inviting him over for dinner. The upside is I feel like date 4 is safe for affection. At home is semi private. (ROOMMATES I’M LOOKING AT YOU.) However, the only time I suck at cooking or come close to burning down my house is when I’m cooking for a guy for the first time.

Stay tuned, y’all.
Keep crossing those fingers!


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