So this happened tonight.

I know I shouldn’t let this bother me that much.

But WOW. I hadn’t even had a conversation with this guy. He said something about kids and I kind of just jokingly said “Ha. Me. Kids. lol” and he said something kind of smart assy and that’s where the screen caps start.

I’d already been feeling a little blue Fingers Crossed guy hadn’t gotten back to me on when he wants to go on date number two. Plus my period is coming. All the feels.


And reminded me I’d rather be forever alone than putting up with someone who calls girls they don’t know broken. Because I’d just finished telling my best friend I was feeling kind of broken. He has since been unmatched. Obviously. But it still kind of hurts.

Let’s be clear now, I may be snarky.
But I have feelings somewhere inside.
And now they’re a little hurt.



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