Sometimes, I love pizza more than I love myself.

Dating with anxiety is hard.

Its so easy to be negative when you have anxiety and you’re trying to date. You don’t want to get your hopes up. You dislike yourself more than you love yourself. You can go through a dozen what if worst case scenarios in no time flat. You’re probably a planner and when things don’t go according to your plan you kind of freak out. You know yourself well and you know every mistake you made during a date. You probably kept count of them.


Naturally, after 24 hours, I’d given up hope on hearing back from him. After 48 hours I figured this was my luck. Why would this time be different?

God I love when I’m wrong.

Naturally, as I hit order on pizza last night he finally got back to me. (I’m not supposed to have dairy or gluten. But I do it anyway because I love pizza more than I love myself sometimes.) So now I’m bloated and feel like garbage and I’m excited. We’re grabbing beers at my favorite bar some time this week or next week depending on scheduling.

Please resume crossing your fingers.


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