I <3 My Co-Workers

I noticed something on my date the other night.

I talked about my co-workers a lot on my date the other night. I’m really fortunate to work with the people that I do. I’ve only been with my company about a year but they already feel like my family. Everyone has a personality. I have people who I can point to and say “That’s my work mom” or work aunt or uncle. There’s definitely people I’m not as close with. But everyone is so nice. When I was nervous Friday I knew I could pop into my work sister’s office and ask her if my hair was ok. I like that I could confess that I had a date and was nervous. They’re all so supportive. Today I was able to pop into my work aunt’s office and sit in her orange velvet chair and tell her about my date and we got to be excited.

While some employers would frown on this, I love that my office isn’t like that. We love good vibes and being a family. My best friend sent me a job listing that paid 10x what I make now. But I didn’t really care. (No offense. I money is great and all.) I mean I did because it would be great to make more money. But leaving these people would suck. I don’t have to completely compartmentalize all the time. I get wanting to climb the corporate ladder. I figured that would be me at some point many moons ago. But it isn’t me now. I wish I could measure success by happiness at my job.


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