Let’s Get Social

Or maybe let’s not.

Social media is tricky when it comes to online dating. When do you follow them or send them a friend request? Is it too soon? Will they accept? Some people are really private about their social media use. Some people really hate social media. Some people just let it all hang out there. You can tell a lot about a person by their social media use or lack of.

Whatever you do. Don’t stalk someone.

If someone doesn’t answer your messages that’s not an invitation to look them up on social media. I found this gem in my inbox. This guy has been persistently messaging me for MONTHS. But he finally got blocked for this:

You are breath taking. Wish more women exhibited your confidence in portraying their beauty. You look amazing and people can tell by your energy you are genuine. The way you articulate and express your thoughts just let’s me know the interior of your mind is just as dangerous as your curves, and by the way your portrayal of self via social media exudes nothing but class and respect effortlessly, something that a man cannot let go unnoticed. I would love for us to get to know more about one another.


This is how you get yourself blocked. Do not stalk girls on social media. If you do, don’t admit it. This is creepy not cute. WORLD OF NO.


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