“You’re too Pretty”

“You’re too pretty to be single.”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told that in the last couple months I would kick my roommates out, quit my job, hire a personal trainer, and move to the beach. Because cheese and fucking rice I’ve heard it a lot. It is EXHAUSTING. I almost wonder if I should post less attractive pictures of me so people will actually think I’m real.

Yes. I’m pretty. Yes. I’m single. Yes. I’m aware of both.

The shit I’ve gotten from guys about the above things is unreal. I think the worst message I’ve gotten was from someone who’s message went unanswered because he used a copy and pasted message he used on another dating site. The message read something like this:

“You’re too pretty to be single. You’re obviously fake. But I’d love to know what this real girl’s name is so I can look up her videos for personal use.”

The actual message was way slimier. But I don’t remember the exact wording because it made me feel an uncomfortable combination of sad, furious, and frustrated that another human would say that shit to another. Come on y’all. Be better people. How old are we?


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