Greetings and Salutations!

This would be infinitely better than half of what guys start a conversation with.

Here’s some funny things people have said as introductions:

Him: Hello baby girl how you (Side note he’s 23. I’m 26.)

Him: Dang

Him: Is it bad that I want you?
Me: Take a number buddy.

Him: U loyal

Him: Howz goin ?

Him: (Heart Eye Emoji) x2

Him: If I could give you a present right now. I would give you a mirror because after you the most prettiest thing is your reflection

Him:God made a gift and its unwrapps a Angel like you (Long line of valentine themed emoji)

Him: so where are we going to eat tonight
ill let you pick since im such a gentlemen
so yeah let me know
or cash me on pof how bow dah

Him: If you like rowing you should see how well I stroke (smug emoji)

Him: Wow smoking hot !!! Hello Danielle , sorry for being so forward. Your super smart and prob the all natural beauty that I have seen. I’m ***** BTW Hope I didn’t come off weird , I was told . If you want something in live go for it. Don’t set around and let life pass u by .

The Winner: Can I feed you and make you fat?

Really need to change my user name to SmashthePatriarchy.
**None of the above posts were edited for grammatical correctness as so not to compromise the artists’ integrity.**


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