This Is Why I’m Single

I forget I have dates.

Yep. You heard me. I forgot I had a date this week. (This is why that calendar second is there. Except I suck at using that too. Ironic? Maybe a little.) I literally got home and parked and sighed thinking how great it was to be home. And he texted me “Hey. Just got here. Let me know when you are.”


So I started my car. Told him I was stuck in traffic and drove to the brewery. I could have sworn we said Wednesday. Why don’t people remind me I have dates? I know. I’m an adult. I should remember.

Can it just be rowing season again so I can break out my “Sorry I have crew” shirt?

Once I got there the date went well. He was obviously nervous. But totally my type. Tallish. Nerdy. Engineer. Likes tacos and dark beer. What more could I EVER want? Would do again. But he doesn’t live in town. So that’s a bummer. I dunno. We’ll see.


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