Bumbling Around

So Bumble is a thing that’s going on in my dating life.

POF is limited. Bumble is way easier. I met someone cute! He’s 30. Flies helicopters. From Alaska. And cute! We’d been talking for a while and grabbed drinks last week.

Yes. I’ve sucked at updating. LIFE IS HARD.

We had fun! We even scheduled date number 2 leaving the pub.  He was nice! And talked! (Apparently he does that when he’s nervous.) Idk if he’s looking for more than friends but given that he was nervous says he at least thinks I’m cute.

He also totally flaked on our second date. Work apparently. I kinda got the brush off vibe so I spent my weekend doing not a whole lot. (Mostly because my weekend plans also flaked.) Guess who messaged me today? The Pilot.

Why is dating so confusing?


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