The Historian is History

So I have this thing about impatience.

I know I can be impatient. But when people are impatient with me I can’t even.

I told him after our first date I’d be game for another date sometime this week. With the awful weather coming and work post conference for my department I had a feeling that I’d be busy though.

Friday he starts bothering me about hanging out over the snowy weekend. I tried to politely be like “nah kinda want to just have a snow day alone” but he didn’t take the hint.

He texted me while it was still snowing Saturday and I was like nah the roads suck. He offered to walk more than 3 miles (by the way I live on a REALLY HUGE HILL) and hang out. I was like no its not a safe idea.

He called me Sunday to hang out. Seriously. The roads were sheets of ice and the sidewalks now too. He woke me up at 9am on Saturday. Honestly, I forgot to call him back and that he even called at all because I WAS ASLEEP ON A SNOW DAY.

He called again Wednesday night. And left me a voicemail. AND THEN TEXTED ME.

Seriously dude. CALM DOWN. I’ve had work. You’ve been up my butt all weekend. Being that level of persistent isn’t attractive. NEXT.


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