The Blessing and the Curse

So nerdy glasses guy actually rescheduled. Maybe he read my blog!


Anyway. We grabbed a drink. I wasn’t super optimistic and kind of wanted to be at home doing stuff like cleaning my house. Yes. I was so indifferent about this date I wanted to clean. I don’t know that I really felt romanced. But I liked him and would go out with him again.

I survived the awkward “who pays?” moment. I was a dick. I didn’t even make a move. But in all fairness he did reschedule on me.

I’ll text him after work tomorrow.

So the blessing and the curse. I feel like we talked about me the whole time. Apparently I lead a really interesting life and have really cool jobs. And I do. But god damn I do not want to talk about work on a date. Leading me to feel like I am my job now. I don’t have an identity. I have a job. Sigh.



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