Friends Happen

So this isn’t my first round of online dating. I gave it a shot almost 5 years ago and actually made a best friend. (Who shall not be named because he’s married now.)

We never worked in a long term way and I think we kind of knew that from the beginning. I was in denial for a while but eventually came to my senses and enjoyed it for what it was. I occasionally relapsed on the “this will never work” front. But he was a great guy and super patient. We brunched and traveled and drank a lot of coffee.

To be perfectly honest I’m glad I ended up not screwing things up with him by being a relationship together. (Let’s be real. That’s what would have happened.)

He’s that kind of friend. He calls you when you’re at low points and you can always count on him to be there. He may not be 100% sober. But he’ll be there.

Now, he helps me pick outfits for dates and usually helps me rationally pick shoes to go with my outfits.

So that being said, online dating doesn’t have to just be dating. You can meet some pretty cool people and have some really kick ass adventures. He got me through some really rough times in life and I definitely wouldn’t be my snarky sassy self without him. Thanks dude.


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