Goat Guy

So I’ve been talking to this guy.

User Name: I_ate_the_taco
Age: 29
Status: Separated
Kids: Yes
Sign: Pisces

So I actually messaged him first because this was his bio:

I have a goat.
… and he is a righteous ***hole.
Now you have a conversation starter. Lol

It was too good to pass up. So we literally spent the weekend mostly taking about his goat (who’s named Gendry), what a jerk this goat is, game of thrones, and food. He seems pretty great. I kind of want to go on a date with him. Even if he is separated and has a kid.

Update:: Conversation below.


Update: We’re negotiating date details. He has to figure out when he can fit being kidnapped by a nefarious Nigerian drug lord lady into his schedule.


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