So what’s this about?

Dating… my least favorite holiday subject. Naturally it’s come up approximately – oh fuck. I stopped counting the number of times so I could focus on counting the number of drinks I’d had instead. No I haven’t been seeing anyone. (Worth mentioning to you, anyway.) No I don’t have a boyfriend. (Thanks for reminding me!) Yes, I am single. (That fact hasn’t escaped me!) No, I don’t want to date your grandson. (Well, maybe I’ll consider it now that I’ve seen pictures of his dog.)

I’ve been single for a while. (I won’t harp on my ex’s here or now. Those are stories for another time.) And I’ve finally decided its time to return to the rat race of finding a mate, or at least some good dinner conversation. Some people would say my attitude is half my problem. I think I just have a better idea of what I don’t want than do want.

What do I want?
A nice guy who isn’t offended by me being a classy girl who says fuck a lot.
(No I don’t have the tank top. Yes I want it. Hint hint.)

What don’t I want?
Stick around to find out. That’s the idea of this whole bog!

My method you ask? Plenty of Fish. Its the go to non swiping site. Plus its free! Who doesn’t like free things? If you answered yes to this last question you may want to give up now.

At any rate. This blog is to chronicle the the things I discover along my way. Because holy wow dating is scary.


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